RAER Joe Clemmons Boogie 12", Punk, Metal, Indie Rock on eBay

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Hi everybody,
I have a handful of auctions, plus many BINs up (and more coming). Auctions and BINs include:

VU & Nico Banana (banana is peeled, record is lower grade, but not bad)

Derrick Chevalier (Cali AOR/modern soul private)

and much more! HERE:


Thanks for looking and more coming!


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    Banana ends today, Sunday!

  • The_NonThe_Non 5,691 Posts
    I am auctioning a copy of Joe Clemmons-Dancin For Your Love 12". Raer boogie 12, promo on Spider Web Records from 1982. Ends Sunday. Check on the link above. Plenty of new BINS, including:
    Ethnic and more! Check above!
    Thanks for looking!
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