MPC 2000XL vs SP 404?

Been thinking about trading my MPC 2000XL for an SP 404. Seems like you can do a lot more live shit (on the fly) with the SP and maybe it's a little bit more flexible? 

Looking online the value has really dropped on MPC 2000s. I bought mine for $800 when I got it back In the early 2Ks. Seems like $500 is the going rate these days?

Any thoughts, feedback, anecdotes, or information is appreciated!


  • DawhudDawhud 213 Posts
    The sequencer is garbage.  Most of the SP hype is because Madlib uses one.  If anything I would say to use one WITH your MPC.  

  • caicai spacecho 362 Posts

    Personally I reckon the Roland SP's processing degrades the sounds too much - but there is no mistaking that you can get that Madlib sound (think "In Search Of Stoney Jackson" instrumentals) with 2 tweeks of an SP EQ pot. It's crazy.

    Most samplers have their strong points and their faults. MPC2000/xl has a strong sequencer but the sound is nothing special (IMO). 

    Strong Arm Steady - In Search of Stoney Jackson (Full Album)

  • kalakala 3,361 Posts
    404 is a toy,the mpc is used to make records with
    the end
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