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    staxwax said:
    personally i could never listen to this mega douches output - Id just as soon listen to a donald trump country album. i will examine the reception to gauge the state of popular culture.

    This is pretty much every Kanye thread on the internet. 

    "This music is soooooo bad.... I'm guessing.....  I mean, I'm sure that's how I'd feel.... if I listened to it......Anyway, I don't like him."

    It didn't have the immediacy of some of his other ones, but it's definitely growing on me and I find myself coming back to a few of them -- 30 Hours, No More Parties, Real Friends, and a few more. I like how they flipped that Bam Bam sample too -- it really almost works! 

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    fantastic marketing. The attention this turd gets is incredible.

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    As a borderline Kanye STAN, the marketing actually was icky, its slapdash nature only mirroring some of the weaknesses of the album. IMO, Kanye would have been better served keeping the tweet storms to a minimum, keeping the MSG listening party - which was amazing!, sound quality be damned - relatively mysterious, letting the SNL appearance speak for itself, and really just ride the strength of the actual music. His whole PR has not endeared himself to new fans, I don't think, and if anything muddied the way his actual fans think of him. Bill Cosby in innocent? Really? Then again, opinions are like assholes and I don't want to get any bleach on my shirt. 

  • white_teawhite_tea 3,262 Posts
    Is it ironic to anyone else that Ty Dolla Sign from South Africa? It's like rep your own currency, randy.

    I will say "Horses in the the Stable" the best equestrian song in a minute with apologies to The-Dream.

  • On second listen, I like it a lot.

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    Will someone be so kind as to PM me a link, please?

    Mucho appreciado!

  • I'll try and upload my mp3s tomorrow


  • ketanketan Warmly booming riffs 3,102 Posts

    i've been listening to this album a bit.  there's some great playing and samples. i think I like most of the songs on this tbh.

    a lot of good collabos.  i wouldn’t have expected havoc to be on this.  kareem riggins on 30 hours.  ty dolla $ign tracks. andre on 30 hours.

    lots of nice moments. stuff like when the beat drops on freestyle 4. or when frank ocean comes in at the end of wolves.

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    DocMcCoy said:
    At times it feels as if 'Ye himself is simply one of the bigger names amongst a cast of thousands rather than the Star of the Show. Certainly it seems he's moving more towards the more traditional producer role, a la Dre or even Quincy Jones, roping in whoever he thinks is most capable of Actualizing His Vision. It's making for some pretty extraordinary records, I know that much.
    Reading through the credits I'm getting more of a James Lavelle vibe.
    Kanye is THE name, the brand that's enabling the more talented people to get their stuff into the mainstream. Instrumentals are a must IMHO.

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    white_tea said:
    Is it ironic to anyone else that Ty Dolla Sign from South Africa?
    No, because he's from LA. 

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    I was bored of this album after a few listens. Conversely, I still listen to a few of the tunes from his last one.

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    Thats pretty cool... more interesting than Kanyes version!!

  • this has miraculously finagled it's way onto my morning commute playlist.


    hi guys.

  • i'm a fan of ye and i usually look forward to his albums, but i gotta admit the amount of hype and talk (not to mention ye himself "fixing" the album numerous times) has just mentally exhausted me

  • is anyone still listening to this? not i.

  • ketanketan Warmly booming riffs 3,102 Posts
    i still listen to it.  it's even grown on me a bit more than before.  

  • white_teawhite_tea 3,262 Posts
    It's actually grown on me considerably. What first read as a heightened braggadocio now hits more as just Ye's sense of humor. And the whole reworking his album thing, I guess it seems odd when considering recent musical history of the album format, but you don't have to look too far back - I'm thinking like maybe Beethoven's Fidelio - for composers tweaking their works, post-premier. 

    Also, while I'm by no means a Tyler, the Creator, fan, seeing Ye and Tyler in a fucking footrace at Coachella, I found that so funny and endearing for the both of them. 

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