Torrent Strut

Anyone got the details/invites etc. I use KAT for the most part, but I am sure there are other better sites out there for music?


  • kalakala 3,347 Posts
    tpb and kickass work great

  • DuderonomyDuderonomy Haut de la Garenne 7,369 Posts is good. Ah, music, I don't know. I use bandcamp, junodownload & boomkat for WAV purchases.

  • kicks79kicks79 1,320 Posts
    What kind of content are you after ?
    Im mainly on Soulseek for music. Just using hbo and netflix for movies ect
    Haven't torrented anything since my last laptop died. 

  • the_dLthe_dL 1,531 Posts
    after digital copies of records I have purchased think jazz, afro, soul, hip hop regae, disco, boogie, funk and so on. Not that keen to pay again for something I have already paid for and does not actually exist, but am ok with purchasing new music from bandcamp, juno etc, however that wasnt my question.

  • serch4beatzserch4beatz Switzerland 521 Posts for music
    The "problem" with these private tracker sites is that you have to adhere to seeding and ratio if you don't really have time for such "nerd" stuff it's hard to keep the account.

  • CBearCBear 902 Posts
    I'm on It's pretty good. Not super deep but great for new chunes and some old stuff. Cosign on all the ratio rules though. I've got it well under control, but it's not for lack of nerdery on my part. I have lots of available invites, but I'm responsible for who I invite and their participation. If any serious people want invites, hit me up.
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