Need Help in finding the name of a song (Please)

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I know these type of topics can be awkward sometimes but I really need some help and maybe the community can help me. Been looking to find out the name of a song - it's in a foreign language but at some point there are some lyrics in english saying some names like "... Shawn Phillips ... Radinsky ... Elton John ..." (these are the ones that I get - they are being said really fast by a man, talking, like preaching) and after that with a powerful chorus type they sing "Prophets, Holy are your names". I think it's a prog / psyche rock or fusion jazz tune, with some nice break drum, really deep and moody. Might be a rare gem.. Just found that a rapper used it:

Please ignore what he did with it, but you can hear some samples. Would really appreciate some help on this. Thank you!


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