RIP Clarence Reid

leofromvermontleofromvermont Steve Halpern's glovebox 30 Posts

I'm going to pull out Butterfly and play it tonight...


  • phatmoneysackphatmoneysack Melbourne 1,124 Posts
    Big RIP to a unique and prolific character and musician!

  • holmesholmes 3,532 Posts
    Super sad at this news, what an incredible musician, one of the finest songwriters of his generation.

  • LoopDreamsLoopDreams 1,195 Posts
    Oh man, Blowfly is down for the count?

    RIP mr. REID

  • Big_StacksBig_Stacks "I don't worry about hittin' power, cause I don't give 'em nuttin' to hit." 4,670 Posts


    This is awful news!  I am grateful for Mr. Reid's great musical legacy which will live on.  Rest in peace, Mr. Reid.


    Big Stacks from Kakalak

  • ketanketan Warmly booming riffs 3,102 Posts
    RIP to a singular force in music.
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