Gary Byrd rapping over GLOBE & Whiz Kid 'Play That Beat Mr DJ' 1985 vinyl rip

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From a U.S. Army syndicated radio broadcast album. 22nd September '85. I guess it was for troops overseas.
It's short so I included another 15 minutes of randomness - news of the day, adverts, music chat. Never saw or heard this anywhere before I found it. Gary Byrd smooth as ever.
It's amazing, proper time capsule. If anyone has more of this series lemme know. Music International Sept 22 1985.mp3?dl=0


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    I would love to hear this, but i can't figure out how to get the download to work, i tried deleting the spaces and recopying, but it still gives me the 404 page. Urgh!

  • caicai spacecho 362 Posts
    Worked for me. Maybe you need to have a dropbox account (cookies)?

    Thanks Jaggerz look fwd to checking this out.

  • Great stuff, right here.
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