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It must have been a decade since I've heard Aaron Neville-Tell it like it is — Jesus, a tour-de-force of lyrics and voice, absolutely incredible, I slept on this, this IS so powerful a song so fucking great, that I must add on a couple of listens for the people— Mitch Mitchell - Never walk out on you, and, Wendy Rene - After laughter comes tears, Willie Wright - Right on for the darkness!


Please add...


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    Hadn't heard it in a while myself, until one night at strip club in Boston with some friends, place was a dump, we were the only white dudes in there, and the stage was like a 5x5 platform built out of 2x4s and plywood, this one chick was straight pelvic thrusting the stage testing the limits of its construction, Russian dude running the joint was literally walking up and taking money off of the stage mid song, then this girl goes up and starts doing the most awkward arm pumping dance to 'tell it like it is', it looked like it must have been her first night ever dancing, it was bizarre and amazing, I was definitely syked and had to find a copy ASAP, we were singing it all the next day

    In a kinda similar vein, I'm always feeling Tommy McLain - I need you so whenever I play it, usually have to spin it back at least one time

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    Inell Young - what do you see in her

    As I remember the tunes I will repost for my memory and for those inclined to gorgeous soul to discover

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    Lee Moses-Bad Girl

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    The Webbs - "It's so hard to break a habit"
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