King's Day Amsterdam 2015 who is going digging?

kalakala 3,348 Posts
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THE biggest yard sale/stoop sale/instant flea market/biggest rave/ party on planet earth 4/27/15
I will be on a bicycle with record bag and kif /hash /weed joints in tow......
Fuck a portable ;-)
who is going?


  • staxwaxstaxwax 1,474 Posts
    I will be there and digging - but coming up on good stuff is quite rare - although you never know - anything is possible - except for one thing - getting around town on a bike..

  • damn, i'm jelly. you boys have fun. is fejmelba still in the dam?

  • kalakala 3,348 Posts
    last time i did this i came up pretty hard [it was indeed sheer luck in 2 collections as it always is ] but i plan on stayin' far away from the center and the orange hoard.

    : if you tell me where you will be digging i will go in the other direction

  • leonleon 883 Posts
    Weather predictions are pretty bad... 10 degrees Celcius and rain. Poor kids with their stuff on the curbs.

  • fejmelbafejmelba 1,139 Posts
    crabmongerfunk said:
    damn, i'm jelly. you boys have fun. is fejmelba still in the dam?
    I is from time to time. Hoppin between Eindhoven and Antwerp mainly. My advice, stay out of the center. Go to oud-zuid Apollolaan or Oosterpark if you wanne dig.
    Have Fun and enjoi. B/w Leve de republiek !

  • fejmelbafejmelba 1,139 Posts
    Or even better vrij(flea)markt in Utrecht. Starts at 6pm on sunday.

  • kalakala 3,348 Posts
    As always Holland comes thru on every level,food,people.partying and of course music.
    King's day was nuts as expected!
    There was just too much stuff to dig thru....apollolaan went on forever!
    The best finds came off the street in and around oosterpark
    By 11 am we gave up and started partying.....there was just too much to deal with,
    the whole city was a flea/stoop /garage sale and it was psychologically daunting.
    Looking at people's junk that is for sale is the true marker of a society and it's detritus.

    Overall Myself and a friend did quite well..on bikes and backpacks/saddlebags,dutch friend slightly miffed at my dutch indo finds.

    Everything was 1-3 euro.
    Crud and crust is a universal thing and tehre is a ton of euro dreck floating thru the ether
    I left about 40 other lps of ethnic and drum and bass/jungle and euro breaks [james last/rogier van otterloo/dutch tv/ost's ]stuff to be mailed to me.

    There was too much to carry around the rest of my trip to Italy and Spain.

    I did some trades with the lads at waxwell with some hiphop rare for the gomez and the averne-BEDANKT!
    Waxwell Kicks total ass -highly reccomended!

  • RockadelicRockadelic Out Digging 13,993 Posts
    That Tielman Brothers record kicks ass.....nice scores
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