If you could take one Chick Corea lp to heaven which one would you choose?

downtownrobbrowndowntownrobbrown 446 Posts
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Based on the assumption you deserve heaven.

Just picked up Return to Forever and it is melting my mind early this am.


  • RishanRishan 449 Posts
    Inner Space. Tones for Joan's Bones is just the definition of my sound

    will need to remind myself what the other tracks on Inner Space are like, but assuming I can only take one lp (albeit a double), I will take appropriate advantage

  • JimsterJimster Let go me ting, duppy, let go me hand 6,462 Posts
    Akoustic Band live at the Blue Note, Tokyo
    Vinnie Colaiuta deppinng for Dave Weckl and it's heavy.
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