VALERIE JUNE "The Hour" (Dan Auerbach-related)

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Voice is kind of weird, kinda white, but it works. Hella throwback sound. Black Keys dude can bring it occasionally.


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    She was randomly in Australia last week and did a free show at this place my mates play at. I liked it. My friends didn't... but they were all 20-something terrible taste having Gen Y-ers... so, there's that.

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    That album was on heavy rotation a few months ago. For me Working Woman Blues is still the best due to the horns. Check it out on YouTube. I can't link due to some copyright issue I am getting on my phone. Look for the original video, not the racist if versions without the horns.

    And that hair.

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    Yeah... that hair! Working Womamn's Blues is the tune that hooked me too.

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    I'm having a hard time imagining how one could randomly be in Australia.

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    Gary said:
    I'm having a hard time imagining how one could randomly be in Australia.

    I know right! But there she was!

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    Didn't know about her until now.

    Thanks, Soulstrut!

    She's coming to the Kane, so I'll check it out.

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    while not offensive, there is not much to these songs, MOR. her haircut is more interesting than the music.pass.

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    What is the fascination with her hair?!? They are dreads!

    Her voice rides that very thin line between annoying and effective and falls on the right side. Some of it does have a forgettable adult contemporary sound to it but it is mostly quite good...some of the best old timey throwback sounds created by today artists imo.

  • fishmongerfunkfishmongerfunk 4,154 Posts
    it's a better than average set of dreads, they are all curly and shit.

    speaking of dreads and image, what's your take on this toronto mayoral candidate:

  • bassiebassie 11,710 Posts
    she is awful no matter what her hair looks like, the hair makes her worse.

    this is her in 2011

    tell me she's not an extra from the ras trent video
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