The Archaeologist of African Vinyl

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    Came across this on BBC News and was going to post it. Congrats on the write up, Frank.

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    carpetbagging colonial bootlegging german opportunist i say

    but it's not like dude needed the beeb's accolades to be anymore than he already is
    better late than never

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    Thanks guys. The fallout from this was actually pretty amazing... I got interview and gig requests from China, India and Cambodia amongst other places and even Malawi's The Nation re-printed the article:

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    Thank god they pointed out which one is you in that photo. I could have been searching for hours.

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    "The thought of a European going into Africa and buying what they see as very limited and locally valued resources - for a lot of people this might seem exploitative," he says. "If you don't really know anything about the topic then you might even agree on it."

    He says he is just trying to save the music.

    "I'm rather doing something good by going there, salvaging what is still available," he says. "Because if you don't buy it then it will get lost."

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    Great look, Frank. Congrats.

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    read this the other day.. dope!
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