With Music, Come Stories Part VII

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My youngest daughter Jessie is a drummer. When she was in High School she was in a punk band called APV and she was the only female in the band. I figured it would be a good idea to let the band have a room in my house to practice in so I knew where they were and what they were doing. I gave them a room upstairs at the furthest corner of the house where.the noise wouldn???t interfere with what else was going on in the house. One day the band came to me and asked if they could decorate the room. Being ???punks??? they basically wanted to spray paint graffiti of things like their band name and anarchy symbols. My wife and I decided that once they were done with the room we???d have to paint it anyway so we said they could do whatever they wanted. Being typical teens they went hog wild and spray painted cuss words and all kinds of nasty stuff on the walls.

About 6 months later we had a house fire, a wire in the attic shorted out and just about our entire house burned down. It???s a very surreal feeling standing in your driveway at 1:00 in the morning being filmed by TV News crews watching your house burn. The upstairs portion of the house was especially damaged including the band practice room. It just so happened that my next door neighbor on that side of the house also worked at the same company I did. The day after the fire I got a very panicked call from my neighbor telling me I needed to call the police because someone had broken into my house. I asked her if she had seen who did it and she said ???No, but they went upstairs and painted all kinds of vile graffiti on the walls???. I didn???t have the nerve to tell her that my kids were responsible for that and just told her I would handle it.


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    What does APV stand for?

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    Kadink said:
    What does APV stand for?

    A Public Victim

    Hey, they were high school kids!

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