Finding Albums You Never Knew Existed on Vinyl....

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Finding Records You Never Knew Existed on Vinyl Apprecation Post.I love it. Never knew the Bushwick Bill was on vinyl until today. Also found Ganksta NIP - Psychotic Thoughts but put that shit on hold. What else? I'll remember later how about you all?


  • My shits is soundtracks:

    28 Days Later
    O Brother Where Art Thou?
    Star Wars Episode I picture disc, hella fresh gatefold action

  • HAZHAZ 3,373 Posts

    King Tee - Tha Triflin' Album

    Still wondering about Way 2 Fonky...


  • DjArcadianDjArcadian 3,630 Posts
    I have a selection of music from the film Oceans Twelve on vinyl. Didn't include any of the tracks I wanted but was a cool find.

  • p_gunnp_gunn 2,284 Posts
    anybody has any Bregovic soundtracks on vinyl, i'll give you my firstborn...

  • hobo_dhobo_d 331 Posts
    i was amazed to find

    Aguirre the Wrath of God (soundtrack to an amazing movie done werner herzog and starring klaus kinski)

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