Friday January 10 2014 is RECORD DAY 2013, right?

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The finds thraeds on the strut remain a highlight for me. In the spirit of giving, can we please liberate some of these things?

Here are the rules:

- Share a song or album that came into your life on vinyl in 2013, that you recommend to others, and that's not commonly/commercially available elsewhere. If possible, include an image of the label or cover. 320 bitrate or VBR is preferred, but whatever. If you shared something earlier in the year and don't think it got much attention, feel free to re-poast here.

- Make your contribution available for DOWNLOAD (pretty please?) here on Friday, January 10 2014 (or earlier, if need be). That should give you enough time to rip your ting. This also gives time for late-breaking finds and holiday gifts to be included.

That simple.

Anyone else game?


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    For the tech-uninclined, you can use to easily upload your contribution. To upload your contribution using most file-sharing sites, it will need to be turned into a single archive file (e.g., .zip or .rar). In Windows, just highlight all of the relevant audio/image files or folders, then right-click and select "Send To", and then select "Compressed (zipped) Folder". If you're using a MAC, then gawd halp u... it's probably a 13-step process involving several different applications...

  • I'm super into this! I have at least three records in mind I think The Strut will really enjoy. I'll try to burn and upload tomorrow!

  • so down

  • would be down but i need more notice...

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    crabmongerfunk said:
    would be down but i need more notice...

    jan 3 gives you until NEXT YEAR to get something together!

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    actually, how much more time do you need? I don't see an issue with delaying if it'll get more people in.

  • ketanketan Warmly booming riffs 2,554 Posts

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    I'm down. Three albums sounds good to get a variety but if it's limited to one that's good too. I don't have the means to rip but can sort it out with a week or so.

    I'd love to get a load of stuff from this thread if people post stuff you can't hear on the internet. Exciting innit.

  • I'm down big time but I for one am not even near a computer on or before the 3rd. Could we push it back a week and do it on the 10th? Just bein' self centered here, if ya'll are chompin at the bit then by all means get started.

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    let's do the 10th and feel free to share add much as you like!

  • Cool, this is exciting, it's been too long by far. One thing about sound quality: I think people get intimidated by the heavies that insist on Lossless quality files ready to be dropped at the clurb all neat and tidy like. Just put what you've got out there any way you know how, the heads will still be putting out top notch recordings no matter what on principle. I like the criteria Ketan listed: simple and to the point.

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    Not gonna be able to represent for this one (out of town related)

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    just noticed you pushed the deadline back by a week. Great, this will increase the chances for me to get in a killer shipment that got delayed due to xmas postal mayhem in time to participate...

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    Frank said:
    just noticed you pushed the deadline back by a week. Great, this will increase the chances for me to get in a killer shipment that got delayed due to xmas postal mayhem in time to participate...


  • Cool idea! I'm looking forward to the reciprocity.

  • I think I'm in.

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    Are people rippin......? I'm rippin..... Lookin forward to Friday.

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    I'm in

  • I will rip at least one newer album for sure.
    Been needing to get it on Sir Otto for a minute as it is.

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    Grandfather said:
    I will rip at least one newer album for sure.
    Been needing to get it on Sir Otto for a minute as it is.

    poasting commercially available stuff could be bad for the site, no? maybe make up a codename/acronym when you poast so we don't draw any unwanted attention?

    i've been ripping...

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    Here's my shares. Hopefully they're not so well known or obvious that most of you have them or have heard them. I judged it on whether you can find them available for download on the internet, which as far as I know you can't. They are in 320 though the second one sounds a little crackly in places. Click the images for the download.

    First, He 6 - ?????? ????????? ????????? ???????????? (Beautiful Doll)

    South Korean psych rock from 1972. Mine's a Korean reissue (2003) so obviously it's far from unknown but I couldn't find the mp3s online. I grabbed it because I've enjoyed mostly all of the 70s Korean stuff I've heard this year and in the past and I'd heard the big drum solo/break from side 2 on YouTube. Lyrics are half in English and half in Korean. Instruments are guitar, bass, drums, piano, organ, flute, some horns, maybe others. Side 1 is five shortish songs of quite typical Korean beat/psych/funky stuff. I don't know if they're all covers, track 2 is a nice version of A Whiter Shade Of Pale. It's sort of moody, solos abound, at the moment all these songs hit the spot for me. Side 2 starts with the long cover of Get Ready. Nice slow intro, furious cover then it descends into face melting organ and guitar solos and finally the drums. When I searched this after I ripped it I found DJ Shadow had sampled some of it, again maybe that makes it a poor choice for "sharing" but oh well, IMO the whole thing's worth having.

    Second, Upp - Upp

    Again, this is a well known record but it's not available online. British funk from 75. Give It To You was on an Ultimate Beats & Breaks so that's all over the place. If you've heard it and liked it there's more of the same on this. Cover lists three musicians playing keyboards, drums and bass but most songs have guitar from Jeff Beck. It is uncool English guys playing funk music but it sounds good and is worth hearing loud for the bass alone.

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    Nice posts Toby can't wait to listen...

    Having never been on a religious kick in any way, I've always approached music with religious overtones with a healthy does of skepticism. Needless to say the moment I glanced over the track list on this LP warning bells started sounding. But the moment I dropped the needle on this copy for the first time this summer I felt like I'd found religion: holy crap this is one smokin' record. I knew I needed it and after a hastily organised trade it was mine. Stayed by the decks for months this year and never grew old. Hope you like it and happy record day!

    Grab it here:

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    Here's another one:

    This band first got noticed by me a few years back when my bud Wyatt got his hands on a huge jazz collection that he ended up selling on e-bay (and then proceeded to live off the proceeds for 2 yrs). Out of all those records these two Birthright LP's stood out for me. Not having any $ at the time I didn't try to grab them then. It took me until this summer to find them, and damn if they don't epitomize everything I look for in music. This one's the second and the more accessible of the two, hope some of you enjoy it. If anyone wants their first LP, I just did an unedited rip. It's a heavier record: a little rawer, more out, but it's a monster.


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    Two from Kenya.

    - those aren't ninjas, they are niq??bs.

    - get money

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    ketan said:

    - get money


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    This is sorta MOR, and yet it slays me. I might have listened to this more than any other song in the latter half of 2013. Leroy Sibbles prod.

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    Friends, it's coming up to noon here in Toronto and I'm making an appeal for.... more records.

    Please... I'm asking you to stop and look through your hard drive for those recordings you've made in the last year of those songs you've enjoyed, and to share those recordings with us.

    If not for us, then at least for the sake of this poor, ugly dog who has no legs. Think about how much your contribution will mean to him.

    Thank you.

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    Finally just got an un-played dead stock copy of this rare Clover release, still has a few pops here and there but Clover pressing are notoriously rough and all in all it sounds pretty damn clean. There are 2-3 serious killer tracks on there but I decided to record both sides as a whole as the entire record makes for a pretty enjoyable listening experience:

    Side A:
    Side B:

    I've recently been getting deep into Benin City Highlife and Edo Funk. This one is really exceptional:

    Side A:

    Side B:

    Copy and paste image locations into a new browser for 2000p view

    "Africa is My Root" has some fun lyrical content: "...if you are dancing like the white man you are dancing like a fool..."

  • i'll try to chime in later... perhaps rather than having everything all in one giant thread, each contributor could start his or her own thread so we can keep the conversation coherent (and we can crowd out all the bullshit on the board)
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