Is Godfather II better than Godfather I?

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I think so.


  • ppadilhappadilha 2,235 Posts
    I just consider them one movie. Can you even enjoy Godfather II without having seen Godfather I?

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    Tough one, but I'd give Godfather I a 9.8 and Godfather II a 9.8001.

  • ElectrodeElectrode Los Angeles 3,083 Posts
    Neither. The third one is best because of Sofia Coppola. haha!

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  • DawhudDawhud 213 Posts
    I remember USA would cut the two together and play it as one big epic on Christmas. So filthy.

  • Yes. Godfather II is the better film, especially for it's non-linear storyline, but you can't have one without the other.

    PS - Godfather III doesn't exist to me. . . pretend like it never happened. . .

  • FrankFrank 2,370 Posts
    To me the Godfather movies (I only count the first two as the third entirely lacks all relevance) are relatively boring and pretentious. Maybe having read the novel before seeing the movies and at a very young age where your own imagination trumps anything that can be presented on a movie screen ruined it for me but I experienced both movies as boring and lengthy -I usually love long movies -if they're good that is. In my opinion, Once Upon a Time in America towers over the Godfather movies to the point of making them obsolete and I would even consider Goodfellas to be a much better movie than Godfather 1&2 combined.

    Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune writes about The Godfather: "To permit us a glimpse at The Mob, with all of its ethnic insularity, is like giving a chronic gambler a chance to wander above the false mirrors that overlook every casino." And yes, it's probably just as boring -for anybody who's not a chronic gambler.

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    Everyone knows The Conversation is Coppola's best film.
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