Question for the Punk Heads

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Hi fellow Strutters,

while moving a piano from Jersey to Brooklyn last week, a punk song came up on the radio which I am dying to find out what it was relatively new sounding, and the lyrics were something along the lines of "hey dad, i just stole a car", "hey cop, i just robbed a bank", guy was talking about all the mischief and mayhem stuff he did....does anyone on here know that song? cheers guys, SD


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    I love amateur sleuth work so I used the clues you gave and did some searching. I'd never heard of this song but it sounds like what you were describing.

  • sticky_dojahsticky_dojah New York 2,110 Posts
    You, Sir, are a boss. This was the song indeed. Many thanks!

  • Here's another one that I've been trying to ID for years.

    It was sort of early pop-punk, singer sounded British and the verse started off like "I... was living in the city" / "I... was living with my parents..." Chorus went "living in a basement!" and then went on about how he had gotten in a fight with his parents and how his life was going nowhere fast.

    I don't remember any other words, just the melody. I know that's not much to go off of, but the weird thing is I had a friend in middle school who was into early punk and I sort of recall him singing the "living in the city" part way back when. And then I heard it on the radio while delivering pizzas in 2001, and found it hilarious because it perfectly described the situation a particularly ornery slacker friend of mine was in at the time. Anyone know what the hell this is or did my pothead brain just hallucinate it all those years ago? I thought it might be early Billy Idol / Generation X?

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    This one came to mind but I'm not sure it fits the description.

  • Nope, but thanks for trying. Love The Jam!

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    Yeah I was clutching at straws with that one. It's still a cool little clip though.
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