Charles Bradley: Soul of America-documentary

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this was gut wrenching and heart warming.
a real slice of NYC grit and soul
highly recommended-streaming on netflix

and then there is this
a nice german TV special of sharon and charles
verdammt gro??e!


  • That documentary on Charles Bradley is SO gut wrenching. Me and the lady watched it one night on tv, we were both oddly quiet and almost crying. Great story.

    And a great live performer. Happy he's made it now.

  • Cant wait to get home and watch this. Saw him live at osheaga this summer and he puts on a hell of a show.

  • Great film

  • LaserWolfLaserWolf Portland Oregon 11,518 Posts
    Saw it in a private theater showing a few weeks ago.
    Private because it didn't get distribution.

    I enjoyed the film. Loved CB and the music. Great story, music.

    I had a few reservations, about the movie and about the music.
    At the end of the day the movie was a daptone/CB promo film, which I imagine is why it did not get distribution.
    As great as Charles Bradley is, I still prefer Sharon Jones. (Also James Brown) SJ, to me, has more depth and more dynamic range. What I mean is, the songs don't run together as much.

    Just my opinion, don't mean to be a wet blanket. I absolutely recommend the movie, cd and look forward to seeing him live.

    b/w I am glad he is getting songwriter credits, I hope he owns publishing.

  • JectWonJectWon (@_@) 1,654 Posts
    Thank you sincerely for recommending this. This film is fantastic.

  • finelikewinefinelikewine "ONCE UPON A TIME, I HAD A VINYL." 1,416 Posts
    kala said:

    and then there is this
    a nice german TV special of sharon and charles
    verdammt gro??e!

    Great! Thanks for sharing! Kannte ich noch nicht.
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