RIP Bobby Blue Bland


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    that voice...

  • bassiebassie 11,710 Posts
    Oh no. Have been listening to this pretty heavily past few weeks.

    Saw him a few years ago - maybe more than a few actually - and he wasn't in great health; a lot of weight and couldn't move around too much. He still put on a really good show and for the songs he wasn't mobile to get to the women in the audience, the women went to him lol

  • GamleOleGamleOle 508 Posts

    I really appreciate these two records

  • toby.dtoby.d 254 Posts
    Can't attest to being a long time fan but Shoes is my jam! Rest in peace.

  • GuzzoGuzzo 8,611 Posts
    such a great artist. Glad he lived as long as he did.

    The "Two Steps from the Blues" LP is one of the greatest blues soul albums I've ever had the chance to hear. After my first listen I went on a hunt for every Bobby Bland album I can find. Rest in Peace to a man who put so much great music into the world

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    Damn. One of the best.

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    My dad always tells a story about seeing him live in the 1950s. To hear him tell it, he put on an unforgettable show. RIP.

  • LaserWolfLaserWolf Portland Oregon 11,518 Posts

    Glad I saw him in the 80s.

    Great music.
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