Best revenge movie!



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    The first three Lone Wolf and Cub movies.

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    East Asian cinema does revenge pretty damn well.

    The Koreans pretty much kill it when it comes to modern revenge movies. Several already mentioned like The Vengeance trilogy, The Chaser, I Saw the Devil, also The Yellow Sea, A Bittersweet Life, Mother, No Mercy, Bedevilled and The Man From Nowhere which personally I thought was kinda dull. There's plenty more as they seem to be pretty obsessed with the genre.

    Hong Kong used to do it right. Hard Boiled is a classic, as are bunch of Jonny To movies, Running out of Time is also worth watching. If don't mind your movies a little sleazy Naked Killer is pretty awesome.

    Japanese flicks like Harakiri, Audition, The Neighbor No. 13, Dog bite Dog, Kamikaze Taxi.


    I Spit On Your Grave, Thriller: A cruel picture, Ms.45, Last house on the left, Straw Dogs, Irreversible, Death Proof, Machete.

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    The Princess Bride!!!

    Old boy, The Man from Nowhere, Lady Snowblood, Lone Wolf and Cub/Shogun Assassin.
    The Limey, Get Carter (Caine version).

    And a big up for when Yip Man comes to take revenge.

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    The Bride Wore Black

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    The Vengeance Trilogy (Park Chan-Wook)

    Did you like the other two?

    the other two were inferior but still interesting.

    if you enjoyed those you might want to check "i saw the devil" and "the chaser", both south korean flicks dealing with revenge as well. good stuff but not on the same level as oldboy.

    I always preferred Sympathy for Mr Vengeance over the other two because of the tone, but that's just personal taste. I Saw the Devil was very enjoyable outside of one really stupid scene. The Chaser was so/so to me. I have the Bedevilled BD here I've yet to watch, this thread may have just made that happen this weekend. Another one people may want to check is "Mother". Might not be a revenge film, but it's got the elements that most of the Korean movies mentioned in this thread have. Iggy is another one that may appeal to some and it's fallen below the radar. It's english name is Moss so I have a little bias towards it. lol.

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    All the classics already have been mentioned I guess. Maybe with the exception of Cannibal Holocaust which amongst many other things also is a revenge movie.

    As far as recent stuff goes I enjoyed this one most. Somewhat of a sleeper, don't miss out:

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    Hell Up In Harlem

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    DOR said:
    The Princess Bride!!!


  • Not the best, but adding to the list, Savage Streets with Linda Blair is a good one.

    Also, ahem, Revenge directed by Tony Scott (RIP) has moments, but is ultimately not his best work.

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    Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan

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    ^^^ how is Irreversible a revenge flick? They kill the wrong guy at the start (or end?), worst revenge ever!

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    Risingson said:
    ^^^ how is Irreversible a revenge flick? They kill the wrong guy at the start (or end?), worst revenge ever!

    Take me to The Rectum!


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    Lady Snowblood

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    Dang! How could I forget this?

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    Risingson said:
    Dead Mans Shoes

    such a good film...

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