Ronnie McNeir Appreciation Thread

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    Dude is underappreciated IMO. I've got all his early albums I think, but the one on Prodigal is my favourite. He plays all the instruments as I recall, dude was gifted.

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    edit : he wrote, arranged and produced the entire album, but he only played keys and sang on it.

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    Got his first two albums. They're not too expensive, but worth getting if you're into the 70s sound. And those two Charles Brimmer that also happen to be in the pic are good as well.

    This one is also good:

    This one too. The issue with "Good Side of Your Love" on the flip is expensive, but the one with "Different Kind of Love" on both sides is affordable on a good day.

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    Former Four Tops singer and also worked with Bobby Womack, David Ruffin, and the Whispers.

    (Terrible lip singing by Tina BTW)
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