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I need to rent a nice sound system for the evening of April 12th. Preferably some EVs or QSCs and a sub. I'd much rather rent this stuff from a strutter or friend of a strutter than some random company. I'll be able to pick it up and drop it back off anywhere in or around Dublin.

Thanks in advance.

Also have a day to unwind in town. Anything we should check out, record and non-record related?


  • I lived in Dublin back in ???07-???08, but I spent most of my time working and hitting up pubs so can???t say that I explored all the opportunities there. However, it was my impression that Dublin (and Ireland in general) was really bad for records. There are a couple of decent stores that carry new releases, but the selection of old records was really poor and limited. I am not really sure why this was the case, but my guess is that they didn???t have a lot of records imported into the country back in 60s and 70s. Large cities in Western Europe always seem to have records stores with a decent selection of old records (even though they might be expensive), but Dublin appears to be the exception. So my advice is: forget about records.

    Native Dubliners will probably be able to give you better advice, but I would just check out the city centre if I had one day. The two main shopping streets are: Grafton Street and Henry Street (close to the spire). Otherwise, there are loads of pubs to visit. The main place is Temple Bar (it???s not one single bar, but a whole street with pubs). They also have sightseeing busses that take you around the city (some of the stops include: a lot of churches, some parks and the Guinness brewery). Anyways, most interesting to me were the pubs.

  • GamleOle said:
    So my advice is: forget about records.


    99% of used records I've come across in Ireland are crap 80s Wham type shit. There's lots to do in Dublin but dig for records definitely isn't one of them

  • The Museum Of Dublin in Collins Barracks is worth a visit, good exhibition on the 1916 uprising, and the history of Ireland as a republic. Wandering down Grafton Street and around there is a good way to spend some time - I've always liked Keoghs for a guinness, or O'Donoghues if you want to soak up a bit of recent Irish music history. Pubs are essentially where you'll end up. And there are a few.

  • mickalphabet on here is the man to talk to. Been in Brazil the past while but I think he's back now.

    For tourist stuff, avoid Temple Bar - it's an area of plastic Irish pubs with inflated prices. Guinness brewery & Jameson distillery are tried & tested tourist sites at this stage. Trinity College & the Book of Kells might also be worth a look. If you MUST do a tour, I hear the Viking one is the best.

    For pubs, I'd agree with the earlier suggestions. Haven't been drinking in Dublin in a few years though.

    Yes, no records in Dublin.

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    no records in dublin
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