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    Is this the Canadian version of The Onion?

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    RESULTS: The results showed that early fans of different types of rock (eg, rock, heavy metal, gothic, punk), African American music (rhythm and blues, hip-hop), and electronic dance music (trance, techno/ hardhouse) showed elevated minor delinquency concurrently and longitudinally. Preferring conventional pop (chart pop) or highbrow music (classic music, jazz), in contrast, was not related to or was negatively related to minor delinquency.

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    Sure, I guess that's another way to refer to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

  • Is [del]this[/del] America the Canadian version of The Onion?


  • "What kind of inspiration can you get out of a glass of iced tea?"-David Lee Roth

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    Future adult nerds only listen to nerd music as it.

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    More importantly...Rob Lowe movies actually open in THEATERS in Canada?
    What kind of country are you guys running up there?
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