January 2013 Finds

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Just back from New Year in Amsterdam. Had a great time in one of my favourite cities. Shame it poured with rain all New Years Eve.

Anyway went to all the usual haunts in Amsterdam and a day trip to Rotterdam.

Came back with the following:

The first picture were Xmas presents from kind relatives

Mladen Gutesha - Und - Been after an original press of this LP ever since Grope played it to me about ten years ago. As he siad at the time, try searching the internet for a record called "and!" Until then I'll have to make do with this reissue.

Joy Unlimited - Instrumental Impressions - Reissue of a super rare German library.

Cults Percussion Ensemble - Great reissue from Trunk Records whivh is probably well known to everyone here.

Mongo Santamaria Live at Yankee Stadium

Francois Rabbath - The Sound of a Bass

Dizzy Gillespie - Souled Out - Great funky jazz session that I can necer leave behind.

Michael Naura Quartett - Call - Great funky fusion LP on MPS

Ted Curson - Flip Top - Contains the great track Quicksand.

Roy Head - Treat me Right - No idea whether this is the same Roy Head that put out the Mr Funky LP. Some rock n roll stuff and some great instrumentals. Does anyone know anything about this one?

Secos & Molhados - ST - Great Brazillian LP recommended to me by our very own Modal Man.

De Paula Urso Vieira - Great Italian Bossa Jazz. Been after the track Viva Bem for ages. Probably would have helped if I had known the track was on this LP!

John Sangster - The Trip - Rare OZ jazz.

Fela Kuti & the Afrika 70 - Open and Close - Nigerian original. One of three Fela's picked up on this trip, probably my favourite. In fact, on closer inspection, I've bought the same LP twice, one of these being a French pressing!


Michael Naura Quartet - Rainbow Runner - Dreamy German fusion

Fela Kuti - Original Sufferhead

Jazz Australia - Great comp of Oz jazz (obviously!)

Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath

The Mr Albert Show - Warm Motor - Not seen this before. Great Dutch funky rock LP. Do the Dutchies know anything about this one?

Warm Dust - Funky proggy jazz. Where are these guys from? Are they English?

Mirageman - Thunder and Lighting - Comp of Itailian library tracks.

The Girls from Bahia - Pretty sure this is the Quartetto Emcy in another guise!

Margie Joseph - Makes a New Impression - Great funky LP backed by the Bar Kays.

Billy Stewart Teaches Old Standards New Tricks

Barracuda - Sprcial Reggae Vol 2 - First time I've found this one in the wild. Not reggae at all but funk!

Art Ensemble of Chicago

Baba Yaga - Best Lesbian funk if heard. Discuss!

Jose Feliciano - And the Feeling's Good - Golden Lady, classic!!

Made in Sweden - With Love - First LP from Swedish psych proggers.

Greetje Kauffeld - And Let the Music Play - Dutch Bossa Jazz.

Rosetta Hightower - Rare UK only LP with a great version of Labi Siffre's Rocking Chair.

Robertinho Silva - MPBC - Brazillian fusion from the collection of Ron Carter! (Record is dedicated to him on the back)

Tamba 4 - We and the Sea - Classic Brazilian jazz foursome!

Nucleus - Out of the Long Dark

Johnny Hammond - Wild Horses

Fela again!

Erik Van der Wurff - Great funky electric piano Dutch jazz LP

Francis Lai - Un Homme Libre

American Gypsy - ST - American group, Euro only release. Every home should have one!

Uschi Bruning und Gunther Fischer Quintett - East German funky jazz

Ernst Ludwig Petrowsky - Jazz mit dem Ensemble Studio 4 - Great East German modal jazz

Beat Rock and Blues - Features the track Kto Dogoni Wiatr

Equals - Funky Like a Train

Lionel Abel - Get Down - Island Funk!

These last four were picked up pre Xmas in London using store credit:

The Paolo Zavallone Group- Movement in Rhythm - Not seen this label before, couple of great psychy fuzz shake tracks on here.

Don Rendell - Space Walk - Long time Alan Mck played want. Perfect UK jazz!

Perez Prado - Guantanamera - Not seen this LP before. Plenty of good tracks on here.

Musique en Stock - Great French Library.


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    llmod1 said:

    The Mr Albert Show - Warm Motor - Not seen this before. Great Dutch funky rock LP. Do the Dutchies know anything about this one?

    You heard it at my place and didn't like it... haha. I think it's great. I'm glad I found a cheap copy two years ago.


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    You're right, I do remember seeing this at your place. Can't believe I didn't like it! You don't own any bad records!!

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    never seen the Mr.Albert in the fields.
    nice finds Mark

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    "Baba Yaga - Best Lesbian funk if heard. Discuss!"

    Sorry I can't share your enthusiasm for this Portland band.
    I'd have to go with any thing Linda Tillery related, also Isis ahead of BY.

    I crossed paths with some of the members back in the days.
    When this was at the height of it's value I was finding and selling it on the regular.

    I called one of the members to see if she had any back stock.
    Right off she started yelling at me that I owed her money, if I sold any copies I had to pay her, if DJs in Japan were spinning it they had to pay her.
    Talked to another members mom who made it clear that her name was not to spoken and she hadn't seen or heard from her in years.
    I'd say 99% of artist I have contacted have been thrilled that someone found one of their old records and liked it.
    Not BY.

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    flea this morn, common as a single LP but the 2LP gatefold issue is harder to find..

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    The softcore '73 movie loosely based on the folk tale has an excellent theme.

  • llmod1 said:

    The Paolo Zavallone Group- Movement in Rhythm - Not seen this label before, couple of great psychy fuzz shake tracks on here.

    Could be a Bosworth title in disguise.

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    Nice haul Illmod! Wish I could hear that Naura on MPS or that Ian Carr. Both I'm curious about.

    Went into my local dig last week just as a guy was trading some Krautrock and stuff for a copy of the Haunted. I grabbed some of it.

    The Elis and Tom is really great.

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    Hey Loopdreams,

    Nice haul! That Lightmen lp, i got the two reissued lp's. Is that a full third lp or just other artwork? What year is it from?
    Their OG lp's seem impossible to get...

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    leon said:
    Hey Loopdreams,

    Nice haul! That Lightmen lp, i got the two reissued lp's. Is that a full third lp or just other artwork? What year is it from?
    Their OG lp's seem impossible to get...

    the Lightmen is not what I expected, it's much better. I always thought it was a later LP from 76 or something, but no it's their 2nd from 71' ( Judnell 1002). It's recorded 1 yr after the first and has all the raw psyck/free grit of the first and starts leaning towards the sounds of the later. Brought a smile to my eyes...

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    Field finds, for the great sum of 55:

    Joe Thomas-joy of cooking
    John Thomas-devil dance
    Sahib Shihab-seeds
    Joe Henderson-montara
    Albino Gorilla
    Chico O farrill-Latin Roots
    Urbaniak-plathyphus b

  • Merry Clayton - Gimme Shelter (Ode, 1970)
    Pidgeon - S/T (Decca, 1969)
    Eric B. & Rakim - Follow The Leader (Uni, 1988)
    The Peddlers - Birthday (Epic, 1969)
    Ars Nova - Sunshine & Shadows (Atlantic, 1969)
    New Heavenly Blue - Educated Homegrown (RCA, 1970)
    The Unspoken Word - Tuesday, April 19th (Ascot, 1968)
    Copperpenny - S/T (RCA, 1970)
    Blonde on Blonde - Contrasts (Pye, 1969)

    King Floyd - S/T (Cotillion, 1971)
    Funk Inc. - Priced To Sell (Prestige, 1974)
    Barrabas - S/T (RCA,1972)
    King Floyd - A Man In Love (Pulsar, 1971)
    Four Tops - S/T (Motown, 1965)
    Four Tops - Second Album (Motown, 1965)
    William Bell - The Soul Of A Bell (Atlantic, 1967) ---90's Re-ish?
    Tony Joe White - S/T (Warner Bros, 1971)
    The Staple Singers - The Staple Swingers (Stax, 1971)
    Betty Everett - You're No Good (Vee-Jay, 1963)
    Eddie Floyd - Down To Earth (Stax, 1971)
    Blue Cheer - Vincebus Eruptum (Phillips, 1968)

  • I've spent the last 3 months living in Chennai, India.

    I managed to get around a bit in India and dig but the majority of these records were found at a great little record store in a flea market near the central station in Chennai (if anyone wants some advice on digging in Tamil Nadu get in touch with me). I was able to tick off a few wants for cheap, all of these were 200 rupee each (about $4nz), except the gumnaam which was about 1000. The guys know what sells and is popular overseas (ananda shankar, jazz raga style etc) and so ones like that are more expensive - it's still a great opportunity to find cool stuff though.

    And some Tamil stuff:

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    Some things from the past few weeks

    Ginger Baker - Stratavarious
    Really cool record with some straight afrobeat cuts from his Fela era.

    Galt MacDermot - Woman is Sweeter OST with the Woo Hah break. Kinda neat

    + Gil Scott Heron, Themes library 'Freedom Road' featuring Alan Parker, Brian Bennett and Alan Hawkshaw, some various anime ost's and a Japanese cop show ost

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    That Chuck Taylor white label LP has some kickin breaks ;)

  • Devoglam, I love that Unspoken Word Lp, nice

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    Electrode said:
    That Chuck Taylor white label LP has some kickin breaks ;)

    HAHA Yeah! Too bad they're reissues tho!

  • The tums remain a major want because unfortunately the bottle is empty...

    Mixture of flea market and cheap store finds around PA. It was a very random January.

    Blaze Foley's live recordings are pretty cool but as many of you probably know the 80s production on his LP is pretty terrible.

    Anyone have any info on Jim Bartow? I found THIS blog post about him being a college professor and having a second record as well. This is a really cool album!

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     photo WP_000463_zps848545c5.jpg

    John And Michael - Mellow Soft Music EP - Rare, but very good folk music.
    Bill Botten ?????? Its All A Part Of Being In Love / Good Lovins Hard To Find - Nice soul!
    Debra Ginsberg - Another Chance Tomorrow - Jazzy modern soul
    Orange Lake Drive - Rare Thing
    Reginald O'Neal Cuie ?????? I Can Do All Things Trough Christ Jesus Which Strengthen Me - Very nice gospel funk-soul!!
    Johnnie Lyles - Mommie And Daddy's (Doing The Latest Dance) - boogie!

  • a few more from January...

    Sarah Dash - Oo-La-La (Kirshner, 1980)
    3 Times Dope - Original Stylin' (Arista, 1989)
    The Dells - There Is (Cadet, 1968)
    Grootna - S/T (Columbia, 1971)
    Spitballs - S/T (Beserkley, 1978)
    Mainhorse - S/T (Import Records, 1971)
    N.W.A. - Greatest Hits 2Lp (Ruthless, 2003 Re-issue)
    New Birth - Ain't No Big Thing, But It's Growing (RCA, 1971)
    Madvillian - Money Folder / America's Most Blunted 12" (Stones Throw, 2003)
    The Smoke - S/T (Sidewalk, 1968)
    Smokey Robinson and The Miracles - Going To A Go-Go (Tamla, 1965)
    Pathetique - Going Nowhere Fast (self-released, 198?)
    JD & The Evil's Dynamite Band - Explodes Across The Nation (Soul Fire, 2001)

  • Humanacat said:
    Devoglam, I love that Unspoken Word Lp, nice

    It's probably my favorite from the lot!

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    I'm starting this weird routine of going to the municipal market to buy fresh produce and coming back with a few record in tow as well:

    Paulo Diniz - s/t 1974 - cover is falling apart, but I've been wanting this one for a while, his funkiest album by far. Don't know what Gerson 'King' Combo has to do with it, but his photo is on the back!
    Chakachas - Jungle Fever - I never go looking for this type of stuff down here, usually it's too pricey. But this one was wedged into the samba section, and it was cheap.
    Antonio Carlos & Jocafi - Mudei de Ideia - the OG to replace the 2nd pressing I've had forever.
    Paulinho Boca de Cantor - Bom de Chinfra e Bom de Amor (or it s/t?) 1979 - speaking of solo debuts, this was his first one after Os Novos Baianos disbanded.

  • devoglam said:

    Copperpenny - S/T (RCA, 1970)
    Blonde on Blonde - Contrasts (Pye, 1969)

    how are those two? look cool

    New Heavenly Blue - Educated Homegrown (RCA, 1970)
    that joint is real nice. havent pulled it out in a long while

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    This weekend's finds from charities, shop credit, pop up shops and today's record fair.

    Los Zafiros - Saw a copy in someones finds on Waxi which remined me that a local shop had this cheap. Great Cuban vocals with one cool bossa number.

    Gil Evans - Usual mix of Hendrix covers including Fire and Little Wing found at pop up shop.

    C & K Vocal - Generation. From the same pop up shop. Great beats, drums high in the mix, cool vocals.

    Cabildo's Three - Yuxtaposition - Reissue of Italian library.

    Eero Koivistoinen Quartet - Labyrinth - Rare euro jazz on Finnish Love label. Great acoustic jazz.

    Babs Robert & The Love Planet - Belgian jazz as featured on one of Jazzman's spirtual jazz releases.

    Terumasa Hino Quartet - Hi-Nology - Jap jazz

    Official music of the Montreal Olympics - One library style track.

    Rune Gustafsson - Rune at the Top - Coll covers from Swedisg guitarist inc California Soul.

    Joe Malinga - Tears for the Children of Soweto - SA Jazz!

    Brigitte Fontaine - Comme a la Radio - Backed by The Art Ensemble of Chicago. Predictibly bonkers but great!

    Soulbrass Inc - Live - Dutch session featuring Hans Dulfer from 1969 recorded in Amsterdam.

    East Coast - ST - Long time funk want found at today's fair. Features a young Gwen Guthrie & Larry Blackmon.

    Emil Richards - Journey to Bliss - Great Eastern Jazz. Reminds of Journey to the East which is no suprise as its also on Impulse from around the same time.

    Vaclav Zahradnik - Prague Jazz Fest 1970 - Beautiful Czech modal jazz!

    The Globetrotters - 70's cash in LP with Gravy!

    Dave & Judy - Thinking it Over - Found one of these a few months ago and was tipped off that it contained a few great tracks.

    Odell Brown - Free Delivery

    Richard Evans - Dealing with Hard Times

    Ray Bloch - Hits of 69

    Black Velvet -Love City

    Preston Love - Cool Ade

    Morgana King - Like a Seed - Great cover of the Kenny Rankin tune and one of my all time fav folk funk tracks. Great to have on 45.

    Jimmy McCracklin - Steppin up in Class

    Mercy - Fireball

    The 4 Seasons - Beggin'

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    Only thing I picked up this weekend was Olympic Runners "Put Your Music Where Your Mouth Is"

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    A few things that have come through or were dug up on site.


    Found in my stacks, 3 private press. Percy Smith, very cool. KC Humphries Sealed and rare real person, Bob Desper.

    The West End is Taana Gardner, the Archie Bell is Sealed as is the Edwin Starr on Pickwick and a few others.


    I rarely find cool Latin records out here so I was pleased to see these walk through the doors.


    Got 5 crates from an old hippie, SSW in town. 2 crates went to Goodwill, 2 went to the 5 for $10 bin, and one got priced up. The GSH is the cream of the crop unless you are into classic rock bootlegs.
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