Who is DJing at Obama HQ Right Now?

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watching live feed; skillwise, selection, is it the biz? the sloppy scratching over oh what a night...


  • SIRUSSIRUS 2,554 Posts
    50 yr old white woman wylin to dancefloor... just took it into do wa ditty.

  • SIRUSSIRUS 2,554 Posts
    love bizarre into it feels good.

  • The motherfucking homie DJ MEL from Austin, Texas! And he is killing it in every way. So, so proud of him right now. To quote Mike2600, "My president is black, my DJ is Filipino."

  • hobo_dhobo_d 331 Posts
    DJ MEL from Austin, TX

    friend of many folks here on the strut.....


  • Brian Williams just pointed out "Mr. Big Stuff" as a subtle jab to Romney... hahahahaha

  • billbradleybillbradley You want BBQ sauce? Get the fuck out of my house. 2,791 Posts
    DJ MEL is the man. He's so down to earth and a such a good guy. A lot of DJs get a big head after blowing up as much as Mel has and he isn't like that at all. I'm proud of him and how far he's come.

  • HarveyCanalHarveyCanal "a distraction from my main thesis." 13,234 Posts
    "This is Mel Sandico of Delicious Vinyl." First time he ever called me back in like '95 that's how he introduced himself. Great dude all around. Proud of him for last night...even if it's in the spirit of drone strikes and NDAA passing as free health care for all.
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