Bands That Sound Like Steely Dan



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    lots of new stuff to check out here - thank you.

    this obv has a more modern style, but Mantler often makes me think of DAN.

    great live act BTW

  • Not exactly what you were asking for, but:


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    crabmongerfunk said:

    Yes - Gino Vanelli is a steely dan soundalike ive thought that more than once when hearing his music

    Also cosign on Ed Motta

    - also these guys have some shades of the 'Dan. Although admittedly, few can really hang.

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    On the way to work yesterday, heard this one on the Giles P Podcast and for some reason it totally reminded me of Steely Dan...

    Even thoguh ive heard it a million times.

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    Samuel Purdey a London based band from the late 90s were obsessive Dan fans. I thnk it shows.

    Also it has Elliot Randell on guitar.

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    I think this sounds pretty Dan-ish myself...

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    These both probably have a few of the same players as Steely Dan used in studio, which might explain the same "sound".

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    Hey Rock,

    This song reminds of Steely Dan a bit:

    It features Richard Page prior to his Mister Mister days with some slick 'blue-eyed soul'.


    Big Stacks from Kakalak

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    similar but perhaps a tad too new wave.

    similar but perhaps a tad too kraut rock


  • Not sure how to post the link - But check out...

    The 1957 Tail-fin Fiasco.

    A doff of the cap to Fagen & Becker. You can find them on SoundCloud.

    Cheers to us all x

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    The tone and vibe of this song remind me of SD. This is pretty much brand new (sorry, no YouTube to embed):

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    The Pets "Breaking Point Road" Arista '78 pets.mp3

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  • The French Steely Dan, Cortex

    They have some great jams and many are straight out of the DAN Handbook

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    djfitz said:
    The French Steely Dan, Cortex

    Absolutely man! Cortex is the a good call.

    I was at a doctors office and this song came on Pandora and thought it reminded me of Steely Dan. Later found out Fagen produced it.

    - spidey

  • so, who is this walter becker you speak of?

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    The_Non said:

    Is it blasphemy for me to suggest this is a lot better than Steely Dan?

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    ^ absolutely

    Dude is a terrible singer. Obviously Fagen isn't the best but he had style

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    Just checked the Nimbus, I guess it's the horn charts that ape the Dan arrangements - which must have been *thee shit* at the time, so that is understandable. Rest of it is a bit Joe Jackson, if English was his 2nd language. Like a "Jost van Jancksen".
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