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How is CLEVELAND EATON & THE KATS - HALF & HALF VOL.1 on Cleanthair records.and what does it sell for? I couldn't even find it on popsike.


  • It's an early version of "half and half" on gamble (philly int subsidiary).

    It gets some attention because of private press-ness but it's the same tracks. Whatever some idiot is willing to pay.

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    i found it in a thrift shop (orig press)along with then best of kool & the gang for $.33 each, and havent looked back since.

    hella funky.

  • man that record sucks. i traded some shit to jake one for it. i'm sure whatever i traded him was better than that record. really disapointing.

    actually i think all of cleveland eaton's solo records kind of blow. the ones that i know of i'm sure ashrock has like some private press cleveland eaton record that is great.

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    well, whatever, im sitting here listening to it and i still say its good, different tastes, i guess.

  • It's okay but a bit goofy, like his black jazz LP. I wouldn't be mad at having a cheap OG press! but at the same time it's not the kind of thing I'd throw $ at.
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