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Tonite I am on-line late at night, and really digging the Mischke Broadcast, which is a blast from my past in Minneapolis / St Paul. truly absurdist humor, and evocative of a place and yet has a timelessness about it, this show is truly unique. Maybe it's the beauty of a regional aspect that seems to be disappearing with the conglomeration of radio, but I would recommend anyone with an interest in Talk Radio outside of political polarization give a listen.M-F, 10pm-12am(Central Time)http://www.am1500.com/mischke.htmDon't be scurred of the Sean Hannity/Rush Limbaugh stuff on the site, the Mischke Broadcast is a completely different animal.Oh and a plug for an old-time funk R&B show, with a great DJ(Captain FlyFunk) on saturday mornings on the local DC public radio, WPFW, check it out Saturday Oldies House Party here: http://www.wpfw.org/8am-11am eastern(8-9 usually sweet soul)


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    No one has any secret squirrel local radio they wanna give some shine?

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    No one has any secret squirrel local radio they wanna give some shine?

    Oh, hell yeah, I've had to stop myself like 10 times from starting a "1090 WILD" appreciation thread. Local AM station in Boston, goes back to I believe the 1950's, and one of the oldest black-owned radio stations in the country, they sold out to Radio 1 a few years back, but are still definitely community radio. When I was a teenager in the 80's, they were where I got all my fixes of what y'all now call that there "Modern Soul," all the Angela & Rene joints, and a smattering of early hip hop later in the day (they were and still are sundown to sunset, when some massive station out of Iowa supercedes their signal), I remember them playing instros of Public Enemy cause they wouldn't play the lyrics, which was pretty weak but made PE seem all the more ill, of course. I hadn't listened for a few years, and checked them out a few months ago, and they have changed their format to "Classic Soul," and it fucking rules! I mean, sure, they have certain songs on "heavy rotation" like any commercial station, "She's a Bad Mamma Jamma" 5 times a day, but they also play full 13 minute versions of "Knee Deep," and will rock instros like "Summer Madness," or some Roy Ayers shit...they are definitely "breaks oriented" if that makes sense, it's like "Juicy Fruit" followed by "Running Away" followed by "Footsteps In the Dark...and on saturdays they play older shit, and even juggle JB's records mixed in with "Bounce Rock Skate Roll" or something. I drive all day on my job, so this shit saves my life. When I'm not on one of my regular college station shows, WILD is on LOCK. I wanna get something like a saturday 5 AM show with them, rockin' rare 45's, I always think about sending a demo...

    "Tom Joyner in the morning, Classic Soul all day"
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