proto crunk.



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    There's also this random track from 1988 that I picked up recently called "Do It Steady" by Vice Versa (ostensibly a house/dance band, not at all hip-hop) that sounds almost identical to Mannie Fresh's best work from circa 2000.


    Where's it from?

    Wasn't Mannie Fresh involved in some house stuff as a teenager?

    I discovered it on an otherwise crappy comp called "Black Havana" on Capitol Records from '88 with some not-so-great tracks from Larry Heard, Juan Maclean etc..

    I know that Mannie apprenticed under Steve "Silk" Hurley from like '85-'87, but Vice Versa definately doesn't seem at all related. And by 1988, Mannie was definately branching out and starting to do his own thing in hip-hop. His hip-hop stuff was sounding nothing like this track at that point.

    Sorry I don't have an mp3. Maybe one day soon.

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