turkish rare groove, help!

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v??t sopp,I am working on a compilation with rare groove from turkey and i need some help . have been to istanbul now to dig and to clear copyrights which is almost impossibleI have already tracks from Okay Temiz, Erkin Koray,Ehrkut Takan, Baris Manckow, TRT etc but still need 3-4 tracks to be finished. Simple question; do anyone now any else killer tracks from Turkey? What is good from Selda, Ersen, Mogollar, Erol Pekcan Trio, Murat Ses, the jazz band Ruacar and Jazz semai?Any help from the soulstrutters would be appriciated dearly!Lasarus


  • Man I got a sick 45 from Turkey hold up

  • You know what this shit isn't rare groove what am I talking about it's Nazan Soray who is some lady from Turkey singing some shit that sounds like it would be at a place that had a lunch buffet but the drums are HARD and the chorus is kinda psych sounding all these dudes going HAL HAL over and over. That's the name of the song, too, Hal Hal. this is not helpful forget it dude I'm sorry

  • Very cool that somebody's doing this! I've heard some ill tracks from Turkey but don't have the $. Sign me up!!

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    I think the hot one from Selda is her self-titled album with her on the cover with a guitar. While you're out there please pick me up some spare Baris Manco 45's.

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    i got the 3 hur el reissue. sooooo dope. isnt this shit like $1000?

  • baris manco - dilly...(and some word I can't remember, because my turkish is so awful)

    I guess that's a thing worth checking out.

  • i got the 3 hur el reissue. sooooo dope. isnt this shit like $1000?

    damn, I don't know if it goes for that kind of money, but that LP is really dope, I also heard all the tracks came out as singles too, don't know if that would affect the price, or if the singles are as rare.

    what label is the reissue on?

  • man some guy a long timea ago maybe a year and a half ago had all these ill turkish records. he was in the netherlands i think. he had one that was secret squirrel but it sounded like a folky Salt Hung Up. it was fucking amazing. it went for like 500 dollars too in vg condition. anybody remember that ?

    baris manco is sick, i found a record of his in the thrift store. looks crappy but that shit is

    that's cool that you are doing this comp. i will definatly be checking for it.

  • hit me up on pm if u r still searching & Ill quench your thirst...

  • I heard this crazy turkish version of "Shaft". Sounded like a recent joint, too. Anyone know who does that?

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    I'm all about turkish prog rock. They got some beats too. I'mma big fan of 21 peron personally.

    Hope this helps you out:


    - spidey

  • Here it izzo,

    a little mix that I did today with the records I picked up this weekend at roskow's home. He produces for the german eJazz combo Jazzanova (and under various names like Sygar and Cosma also different styles of music) and went to Istanbul a couple of days ago to spin there and - of course to do some serious diggin. He was a good boy and brought back some extra stuff to let...

    I remastered the OG 7" records a little (take carribean and indian pressigs as reference for turkish soundquality and vinyl condition) and then I did the typical cut & paste on my HD.

    Some of this stuff seriously made when I first heard it and Im pretty sure that it is all to find stuff here, so lean back, relax and crank shit up, let the tablas and saz rock your block homeboy! The turkish were crazy back in the days, nuff said!

    Here's a little cover for the 25min mix.

    And here's the mp3 - appx 23MB! Stop your p2p clients and leech TURKISH DELIGHT...

    Turkish Delight - By ScopeCGN

    May be a good Idea, if you copy and paste this link to the "open URL" window in Windows Media Player, then you can listen while it loads in the background: http://www.scope45.com/Turkish-Delight-Mix-by-ScopeCGN.mp3

    Have fun,


    aka the grammar king

  • Technically Aremenian, but the John Berberian "Middle Eastern Rock" lp on Verve has a couple tight burners that might fit into the mix.

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    good luck with this, Im sure theres got to be several hidden turkish treasures to be found, I never really picked up that much turkish stuff, I did find a baris manco which is cool, has a psychfunky trk with beats on it, also recently picked up a turkish 45 which had some potential, cant recall the name of it right now, disco turk studio group something I think... then theres the nathan davis turkish joint which has a nice cut....

    not much help though, but good luck with this, are you comping this for a vinyl release? If so remember to print pictures the of original covers/ artwork on the cover!!!

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    listning to thhis right now, sounds real cool, that first track sounded a bit like kool&gangs funky man.... scope scope cope ope ope pe pe e u da mang!!!

  • the selda s/t lp is already being reissued by finder keepers records from the uk, they've also got an "anatolian invasion" comp lined up with a lot of heavy turkish stuff on there....

  • I have a friend here who is Turkish-Australian & he's played me some killer stuff. He also co-owns a 2nd hand record store. Naturally i can't remember the names of any of the artists. Lots of prog rock stuff I remember, but a few more on the funk tip.

    When's your timeline? I might go ask him for you if you want.

    There was an Erin Koray song on that 'Love Peace & Poetry' LP a few years back yeah?

  • Artist: B??lent
    Song: Olmali Mi Olmamali Mi
    Label/year: (Numara Rec. LP) 1974
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