AYO is this track Tyrone Davis????

oreo_jones84oreo_jones84 69 Posts
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  • Up for the morning fam.

  • "User Account Exceeded Bandwidth"

    post it somewhere else for us to hear my man

  • jinx74jinx74 2,287 Posts
    is your first name really oreo? theres a million jokes i can throw at you but im mostly really curious if it is...


    and i cant open that link either...

  • djdazedjdaze 3,099 Posts
    and that's a completely improper use of "Ayo"

  • LaserWolfLaserWolf Portland Oregon 11,517 Posts

    Nice track, no idea where it's from.

    It is bad etiquitte to post questions before you have at least a hundred posts and have dropped some knowledge. Sounds weird, but otherwise there would just be a lot of music and record related posts and were not really into that.

    Ayo, means something else. Unless you were trying to infer something about yourself for asking the question.

    Welcome to Soulstrut, don't be intimidated by us.


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