Them Boxsets Yo!

I picked up the Pharcyde Boxset a few years ago, it came with a puzzle and 7 singles on colored vinyl, a poster and a small booklet, when you open it, it plays “oh shit”…lol its dope!

i got lost in a Pharcyde youtube rabbit hole a week ago and decided to pull out my boxset, ugh the battery is dead and it no longer plays.. anyone have this happen with those “singing” boxsets? anyone know of a fix/solution with out destroying the box?


  • ppadilhappadilha 2,235 Posts
    I remember when Pink Floyd put out their Pulse album back in the late 90s, the CD came with a little red blinking light on the spine. The battery eventually died on mine but the light was on a kind of insert and there was a way to pull it out and replace the battery without doing any damage.
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