Jerry Butler- Any Love For..The Iceman?

What's up gang? every now an then a famous name pops into my mind, and one that's seldom mentioned here is the man himself[Jerry Butler]nickname[The Iceman- because he's so cool]This soul crooner started way back in the Fifties with The Impressions[For Your Precious Love] after going solo he became legendary with classics such as..[  He Will Break Your Heart-  Lost- Mr  Dream Merchant- I Dig You Baby- Find Yourself Another Girl- I'm Telling You- Moon River-  Make It Easy on Yourself- Never Give You Up- Make It Easy On Yourself- Giving Up On Love- Moody Woman- I Need To Belong To Someone- Hey Western Union Man- No Fair Lalling In Love] although he hasn't had a hit lately this soulman is still with us today...just a shout out to a legend of soul-THE ICEMAN!!


  • ElectrodeElectrode Los Angeles 3,087 Posts
    I was thinking about him last week when I listened to Thee Midniters version of "Giving Up On Love" and a couple of other covers of "Never Gonna Give You Up". He definitely had a way with songs dealing with the sadder aspects of romance. The Ice Man's Band on Mercury is good. Check out "You Can Fly" from the 'Joe' soundtrack:

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