Beats, Breaks & Scratches (Simon Harris, Music Of Life)

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Was there ever a website that provided a list of what Simon Harris looped on the 12 volumes of his "Beats, Breaks & Scratches" series on Music of Life back in the late 80s?
I don't mean a track list like you would find on Discogs...
...but a list that identifies the sources of the loops?

Apart from EQ'ing, did he "produce" any of the loops or were they all pulled of other records "as is", either from an original break or from a record where another producer had flipped an original break, such as (just one example), the "What-Cha Sayin' - 104BPM" loop on volume 8 which is obviously straight from EPMD's "So Wat Cha Sayin'" rather than their original sample source (B.T. Express "If It Don't Turn You On").


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