Christmas music sucks!

SPlDEYSPlDEY Vegas 3,375 Posts
Except for these songs:

If you guys got any suggestions I might make this playlist collaborative.



  • damn that's an exhaustive selection. i wouldn't have ever guessed there were that many actually listenable xmas songs, but this looks good.

    don't have much to add - you've covered so much!

    funky jesus by the jive turkeys?

  • SPlDEYSPlDEY Vegas 3,375 Posts
    Ah yes, FUNKY JESUS!!

    Breakestra - Let the bells ring

    - spidey

  • JimsterJimster 6,856 Posts
    Problem is there is just too much Christmas these days, no?  Mugs be on it the minute after Halloween.  Everything is Christmas.  Supermarkets be blasting that bell-R shit on loop.  Norman Rockwell Cornflakes left, right and centre.  By the time it actually comes to pass, I've personally had more than enough. Plus we have to host the mother-in-law and all that shit.  Maybe that puts a boner-softening vibe on the whole of Christmas these days.

    However, before I am possessed by the Grinch, I do know the best thing for me is to get out into the Peaks in the motor, where there is hella mist and perchance some snow, and get sumdat Dean Martin Bing Crosby choirs and strings shit going but on real quiet.  Invokes my 70s/80s childhood watching those seemingly-interminable musicals when we only had 3 channels, but my mum and dad were still around and hitting the Advocaat early doors.

    (Raises decaff to the Strut)  Merry Christmas, True Believers!
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