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wtf is eco vinyl?  i'm trying to decide which version to pre-order of this new big thief album:

is the eco process going to affect sound quality materially?  i would expect not if they're selling it, but i recall a discussion about coloured vinyl having issues in some cases?  what about coloured eco vinyl!?


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    First I've heard of this but found this searching

    What are we doing so far?

    Below is a list of our ecological solutions creating a better and more sustainable existence for the vinyl sector.

        • Our Granulate (the grains which we melt to make a vinyl record of) are based upon calcium zinc stabilizers instead of the classic heavy metal stabilizers, which are highly toxic.
        • All our machines are powered by green energygreen gas and solar energy - all supplied by local suppliers. 
        • We work with a new infrastructure that is very energy efficient and meets current energy standards.
        • Our factory is almost 100% circular in terms of waste, recycling and energy.
        • We remove the labels from incorrectly pressed records and turn the remaining vinyl part into recycled granulate.
        • As standard we use environmentally friendly FSC-certified Tullis Russell labels, 90 GSM inner sleeves and thick 300 GSM cardboard covers.
        • The ink we are using on our products and packing is Eco- Friendly & vegan.
        • As a standard, our orders are shipped in Eco- Friendly heavy duty FSC-certified cardboard boxes and biodegradable paper adhesive tape.
        • The larger shipments are sent on a wooden pallet that is 100% recyclable with biodegradable wrapping/shrink made of 50% sugar cane.
        • We are recycling our useless cardboard and use this for packaging and transporting purposes.
        • As a standard, we ship our packages 100% carbon neutral worldwide.
        • We team up with companies who use empty spaces on trucks for sharing logistics.
        • Our website and project management software are located on servers that run on green energy.


    Eco-Friendly Logo

    If desired, we can place a small sticker (10mm) of the logo on the bottom right of your vinyl sleeve for free. This way you can show buyers that the record was pressed at the Greenest Vinyl Pressing Plant in the world. Or you can download the file here and use it in your design.


  • Somebody with a Ph.D might be able to wager a guess whether the stabilizers in the PVC make a difference in the longevity of the product, but I imagine the plant probably hired the one guy one earth who knows offhand what the answer to that question really is.

    As for sound quality, I doubt it'd make any difference as that's something the factory could easily test out, but that's just me guessing that they wouldn't want to put out a dogshit product. I'm not a materials chemist, in fact, I am a total idiot.

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    Sounds like a marketing gimmick to me but whatever. I'll buy a record from across the other side of the world and have it flown to me on an airplane. Then driven across various states until it eventually arrives in my mailbox.

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    I used to work in a plastics lab and from what I've read above, I don't think there wouldn't be any discernible variance in the energy the "Vinyl" gives back to the needle.  As long as it's durable and firm enough (ayo!).  There are loads of other stuff in the chain of sound, like the needle, the amp, the cable, the speakers, the listener's position and ear drums that would be more influential on it sounding "Good" or "Bad".

    I'm all for keeping shit out of the air I breathe and the water I neck so props to them for being one ant in a well-meaning colony.  

    Marketing gimmick?  I await the dawn of nft music ... (googles to see if this ain't already a thing...  shit, it is a thing already)...

    I need to step up my magic bean game...

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    I only like music that has some funge in it

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    Thanks for all the feedback.  I've learned... a lot!

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    Don't put calcium zinc stabilizers in your cereals, they're toxic aswell, just less damaging. Used this plant already three times, for small runs there's next to no price difference. 

  • I'll stabilize whatever granules I want with whatever stabilizers I want, motherfucker!!!!!!
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