Afrika Bambaataa, Ice Cream - Paul Winley

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The Wikipedia article for Afrika Bambaataa mentions a 1983 album release called “Ice Cream” on Paul Winley Records

Can somebody enlighten me what this refers to with a link to Discogs, YouTube or any site that shows this release.


  • billbradleybillbradley You want BBQ sauce? Get the fuck out of my house. 2,868 Posts
    I can't find any reference to it besides Wikipedia or sites that copied the entries from Wikipedia.

  • Is it still OK to play Planet Rock, LFTPB, Renegades OF Funk, Frantic Situation and Jazzy Sensation, …?

    I can live without R. Kelly, but my audio life would be a Swiss cheese without those….

  • billbradleybillbradley You want BBQ sauce? Get the fuck out of my house. 2,868 Posts
    I don't condone anything R. Kelly did or what Bambaata or Michael Jackson allegedly did but I can still enjoy thier music. Good music is good music. MJ will always be the king of pop and Bambaata will forever be known as an innovator and part of the early hip hop days. 

  • ketanketan Warmly booming riffs 3,068 Posts
    Yeah, playing it for yourself versus playing it out in public is two different things tho.  And I'm not saying you can't play them out in public, but it's a different context and you maybe shouldn't play Kells at a women's rights march. 

  • dizzybulldizzybull Eerie Dicks 322 Posts
    Separating the artist from the art is an interesting subject. In the end it boils down to how much you love the art vs how repulsed you are by the artist. Maybe. Or maybe its
    down to a personal level of association vs dissociation which is different for each person. 

    If Africa bambaata murdered my kids it would be hard to appreciate planet rock no matter how good it is. 

    I believe I can fly is a genius song, but r. Kelly never peed on me or trafficked somebody I love. 

  • JimsterJimster 6,829 Posts
    re: Artist v. Art : 

    I got into a (for me) heated exchange with the one PAYCHECK regarding the time he had a similar quandry.  A large and varied haul he had recently landed happened to contain some Skrewdriv*r rekkids.  For those not familiar, that band (I don't want to give them any google space) are right-wing neo-naszties and it did not sit well with Paycheck's background to either own these (natch) or sell them on to fans of that political bent.  What was a mug to do?

    I asked what the rule is for MJ rekkids, if we are going down the artist/art path, but that nuance was lost on him - I was accused of equating the work of MJ to that band.  He was deeply unhappy about this - Which was not my point at all.  Of course, MJ's work still endures.  He's not profiting from it, and for me, there is more to like about MJ's work than just MJ - there is the Quincy Jones production, there is the Rod Temperton chords, there is the rock solid pairing of Louis Johnson and John Robinson and probably most for me, the memories of that stuff being new, and everywhere, and the times spent with people enjoying it.

    That band's stuff is deliberately hateful, and personally I would have just literally destroyed shit like that.  For me, that is the difference.

    So for Bam, yeah, those tunes get a pass.  I think that work still stands in the context of the artform.

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