Did I break a record store code of conduct?

dizzybulldizzybull Eerie Dicks 322 Posts
Went to the record store.  It was a warm day and i had drinking some water.  Spent a long time flipping through records but nothing was really doing it for me. On the way out I asked if i could use the restroom and the said sure.  I peed, and a few seconds later headed back for the front door.  The guy working there said "Not gonna buy anything?" and I said "Uh, yeah, not today I guess..."

I was like damn... did i break a code of conduct there? was it rude to use their bathroom and not buy anything?  should i have grabbed an Endless Flight or something?  Or was he rude? The dude that questioned me isn't the owner. I know the owner, at least enough that we say hi and he knows i have been going there a long time.

So... you be the judge. If I fucked then tell me.


  • para11axpara11ax No-style-havin' mf'er 398 Posts
    Nah, you’re good.

  • you could simply say not to worry, and explain that you weren't taking a leak at all, but in fact using his restroom to inject heroin. he wouldn't have a leg to stand on. no pee-pee, no purchase, no problem.
    next time, dump 50 pounds of 78s on the counter prior, so he knows you're here for serious record business. if he still wants to gatekeep just tell him you're only injecting "legal shit" this time so he can't do shit. flex that you know the owner - guess his name if you don't know it. put the fear in him.

  • JimsterJimster Cruffiton.etsy.com 6,856 Posts
    Tell him it was marginally more hygienic than peeing on the records.

    If he gives you backchat, tell him you payed more in taxes this year than he will earn in his entire lifetime.

    If it makes you feel any better, I had a similar plight in Portinatx in Ibiza, whereby one lunchtime after foolishly consuming liberal quantities of seafood and Torres Vina Sol in the hot sun, I was stood with the family waiting for the bus back when the pressing need to "Roll a 2" came over me.  I am talking about "Non-negotiable".

    I thus headed into the empty bar across the road at pace, and did the needful.

    I have to tell you, the smell was far from pleasant.  Way past bad.  Wayyy past.  Like, "Dreadful" is a speck in the mirror.  In the outskirts of "Disgraceful (Twinned With Horrific)".  I mean, even I was gagging.  The midday heat only added to the whole affair.

    Thing was, the bus was due so I couldn't even order a drink once I was done.  I had to leave rapidly but still gingerly lest I provoked further below-deck activity.  I think I left the owner 5€ in shrapnel on the way out.  However, whilst exiting, I realised the miasma had engulfed his entire premises rendering it unsafe for any living creature this side of eternity.

    I recall being stood at the bus stop with the wife and kids while he just stood in the doorway, arms folded, glaring at me.  It is a look that still haunts me TO THIS VERY DAY.
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  • dizzybulldizzybull Eerie Dicks 322 Posts
    Damn this is all good stuff. I still have so much to learn!

  • billbradleybillbradley You want BBQ sauce? Get the fuck out of my house. 2,877 Posts
    I made this "The Cure - For The Grip Shits" meme album cover with a subtle toilet layer 10 years ago. After Jimster's response I had to share it again.


  • ppadilhappadilha 2,228 Posts
    what would be the go-to record to purchase if you did have a case of the grip shits but weren't a regular at the record store?

    I would be OK with Endless Flight, except I would really only do it once. I'd easily grip some BT Express but those don't seem to be in the $5 range any more

  • dizzybulldizzybull Eerie Dicks 322 Posts
    Honestly for a dollar I think it would funny to buy endless flight every time you go to the shop. Never mention it, just casually buy it each time. 

  • billbradleybillbradley You want BBQ sauce? Get the fuck out of my house. 2,877 Posts
    I still move Endless Flight to the front of the bins.

    As for what to buy... 

    Roy Ayers - Poo Poo La La ?

  • JimsterJimster Cruffiton.etsy.com 6,856 Posts
    Poo Poo don't even come into it 

    John Carpenter's The Fog OST b/w Megadeth.

  • dizzybull said:
    If I fucked then tell me.

    To get busy you go to a Burger King bathroom. 

    At least once. 


  • para11axpara11ax No-style-havin' mf'er 398 Posts
    Yemsky said:
    dizzybull said:
    If I fucked then tell me.

    To get busy you go to a Burger King bathroom. 

    At least once. 

    Damn! Y’all fancy.

    I’ve been raw-doggin it behind the dumpster with my pants around my ankles. I need to up my game.


  • MondeyanoMondeyano Reykjavik 861 Posts
    You'd been building up the suspense for so long. Dash to the counter as soon as you enter, ask to use the bathroom, and then spend ages not buying anything.

  • Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...if you've been there before ,they know that you'll be back you're cool!
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