Those Temptin Temptations-Sixty Years Of Soul!

How bout that-1961-2021- and still going strong, most of us love and remember those classic songs[My Girl- The Way You Do The Things You Do- The Girl's Alright With Me- Girl Why You Wanna Make Me Blue-Don't Look Back-Get Ready-Ain't Too Proud To Beg]some may go all the way back[Paradise-Dream Come True- Check Yourself-Isn't She Pretty-I Want A Love I Can See]or groove with the psychedelic soul[Cloud Nine-Runaway Child-Puzzle People]or the social messages[Ball Of Confusion- Take A Look Around-Power]and the great voices of[Eddie Kendricks-David Ruffin-Paul Williams-Dennis Edwards-Richard Street-Ollie Woodson]the great dance moves of[Cholly Atkins-Paul Williams]these guys have laid out a soul feast..sixty years worth, just a shoutout to the-Tall-Tan -Teasing -Talented Temptin-TEMPTATIONS!
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