DJ Amir presents a three-part lecture series bout the legacy and impact of jazz, hip-hop, and race!

I am very excited to announce that I have created a three-part lecture series about the legacy and impact of jazz, hip-hop, and race to include:

*Fat Beats: The Resurgence of Vinyl and the Age of Independent Hip-Hop

*My Discovery of the Charles Mingus Master Tapes, and the History of Strata Records

*Embracing Realities: Hip-Hop and the Intersectionality of Race and Cultural Appropriation

Each lecture is designed to educate the uninitiated, and elucidate the informed and curious.

Each lecture will be one hour and a half featuring rare and exclusive audio and visual footage from my extensive archives.

For a more detailed description of the series, rate inquiries, and securing bookings, please contact

I look forward to bringing this series to your country, city, or town soon!

Stay safe and all the best,


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