Nightmare on My Street. I have questions.

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"It was a Saturday evening if I remember it right
And we had just gotten back off tour last night
So the gang and I thought that it would be groovy
If we summoned up the posse and done rushed the movie"

Will and his friends go see the movie on Saturday night, and then he goes home, goes to sleep, and then has his nightmare.  At least he thinks it was Saturday night, he even admits he’s not sure.

"I got Angie, Jeff got Tina, Ready rock got some girl I'd never seen in my life".  He doesn't even remember her name.  This is important later.  Anyways, he has his whole nightmare, and Freddy chases him around and stuff but then he is saved by his alarm clock.

"Tried to get me, but my alarm went off and then silence...
It was a whole new day I thought
"Huh, I wasn't scared of him anyway"
Until I noticed those rips in my sheets
And that was proof that there had been a nightmare on my street"

This means that he had set his alarm to wake up on Sunday morning for some reason.  Maybe he wanted to go to church. Or, maybe it wasn’t Saturday night after all and today is Monday.  We also don’t know what time the alarm went off but he says “it was a whole new day” implying that the sun has come up.

Anyways, he feels like he better warn Jeff, so he calls him.

To which Jeff replies:

"It three o'clock in the morning, what do you want?”

"Jeff, Jeff, would you listen to me? Listen
Whatever you do, don't fall asleep"

Wait a second… 3 in the morning? Will JUST SAID that he woke up that it was a whole new day and that his alarm had gone off and that’s what woke him up. But now Jeff is saying that it is only 3 am.  Will is warning Jeff not to go to sleep even thought it is already sunday morning (or monday, or maybe even saturday).

So what’s the deal? Is Will still dreaming? Did his alarm not go off after all? If so that means he isn’t really calling Jeff and Will is still in danger because he is still trapped in dream world.

Then Freddy presumably kills Jeff and says “I’m your DJ now”.  Except that I think this is still Will’s dream, so Jeff is actually fine.  Or maybe they are both in a joint dream, Will never woke up, and Jeff really did get killed.

What’s important is that Will doesn’t give two flying kung-fu FUCKS about Ready Rock C.  Even in 88 he was on his way out I guess.  Not even a phone call to warn him.  He couldn’t even be bothered to learn the name of the girl he took to the movies.  cold. We have no idea whatever happened to him.

What I assume really happened (in real life I mean) is Jeff wasn’t really paying attention to Will’s raps and didn’t realize Will said it was sunday morning already.  So he blurts out that it’s three in the morning, but studio time is expensive so no need to do it again.  Or maybe nobody noticed at the time. If there is anybody out there who is in contact with any of them (including poor Ready Rock C) please reach out and get answers for me.

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    If he went to bed before Midnight and when he woke up at 3AM technically it was a new day. 

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    I’m not so sure. First of all, he’s an unreliable narrator. Right off the bat he doesn’t even know what day it was, who ready rock C was with, or even the name of the movie he saw. 

    And somethin' about Elm St. was the movie we saw”

    But check this out- I didn’t think about this the first time:

     I checked the clock and it stopped at 12:30
    It had melted it was so darn hot and I was thirsty”

    the clock STOPPED at 12:30. How he knows this I’m not sure, because he also said it melted. That could be hyperbole. How does he know the clock stopped? He just woke up, how does he know what time it is anyways? You have to either know what time it is or stare at a clock for a while to know that it’s broken. And if it is broken, how did the alarm go off later? Because this is just a dream and his clock didn’t actually stop? Then we can’t say for sure that the time is anywhere near 12:30 either. 

    Either way, 3 in the morning wouldn’t be the next day because we’ve already passed midnight, so I think he clearly thinks the sun has come up. But whatever is going on his clock is somehow:
    a. Melted
    b. Stuck at 12:30
    c. Still has a functional alarm somehow

    dream logic I guess. 

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    Maybe it was the alarm on his basher that got him up.  Not his melted clock.  I mean, that's how I roll.  I personally have birds tweeting (not women on twitter) and thus avoid the harshness of 88 era electronic buzzes.  What am I, a barbarian?

    Maybe Jeff's clock had also stopped - I assume given their earlier proximity (they did attend the same screening) that it was also hot (if not hellishly so) chez Jeff.

    These are the kind of tough questions that make a mug storm out of an interview.

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    DOR said:

    Hmmmm. This does seem to adress a lot of the issues. 

    Also are those record styluses at the end of Freddie’s claws??? That’s hilarious. 

  • lol damn man i love the break down and the attention to details, i have heard that track jillions of times and havent thought out the details and the timing before... i cant lie either that was the FIRST time i ever remember seeing the video as well, and what a "shit" version of "Freddy" lol

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