Record storage alternatives

I'm moving house soon (hopefully and want to try and find a more user-friendly way than the Kallax/Expedit) - i'd like to be able to pull out crates and flick through, and pull out records, resting them at an angle, like when playing out of crates, rather than flicking through spins.

Anyone got any good solutions they could share?




  • Saw this on instagram and thought it was a nice slightly more ergonomic setup than expedits, but it also seems homemade...

  • djwaxondjwaxon 406 Posts
    Yeah that looks nice, still has the pull-out issue. Maybe I just need milk crates and sensible desk setup.

  • Oh yeah, I read more closely - it sounds like you might want a sort of pull out system/drawers á la Can Am:

  • JimsterJimster Twilight Zone/ Al Capone/ Rolling Stone/ Eva Perón 6,357 Posts
    The beauty of expedits is that you can see all the spines, so easier to find what you want.  If they are all in drawers... then you have got section/letter creep across drawers to contend with - although that could just be ocd on my part.  I used to have expedits but then there were crates.  Then I started to feel like I was turning into my dad who is a bit of a hoarder.

    He has vertical piles of vinyl and keeps buying duplicates because he's forgotten he had one already.  It's a lot of Perry Como and Sinatra heat but he has a lot of opera, classical and comedy.  Dixieland and Al Jolson 78s.  All over the house.  Then there are the books.  And ukeleles.  And banjos.  I vowed it would never get that bad for me.

    Either way, it kinda makes me glad I went 99% digital as I am more a consumer of music than a collector these days.  There will never be this kind of space in the house for me.  I do love to see a great collection - @RAJ and the ladder/Donkey Kong setup is amazing - but barring a lottery win it's just not an option, personally.  My basses and amp take up enough space.

    I guess if I won the lottery I'd buy more... basses... 

  • YemskyYemsky 572 Posts
    Oh yeah, I read more closely - it sounds like you might want a sort of pull out system/drawers á la Can Am:

    Once you start storing your collection in that you Can't Slow Down 

  • djwaxondjwaxon 406 Posts
    Those cabinets look good, but again, if you wanna pull out of different drawers it's an issue. Maybe there's no perfect solution.
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