I was today years old when...

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I was today years old when I found out Henry Rollins plays Vanilla Ice in the 3rd Bass - Pop Goes The Weasel video. 



  • I don't know why but I did know that. I have a history with 3rd bass going back to when I was like six years old. weirdly enough some of the first rap I ever heard, and definitely some of the first music I ever chose to listen to. I still think their second album is better.

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    Second album had all that Sam Sever production.  Plus SD50s.

  • Daddy Rich had some great DJ showcase tracks too. The production on all of 3rd Bass's stuff really exceeds their MCing, which is good too.

    I also ride harder for Daddy Rich & Pete Nice's post-breakup album than for Return of the Product. Beatnuts and Sam Sever production on that too.
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