little known recent bangers

Give some shine to some soundcloud/youtube types that I've never heard of.

For my part here's a couple tracks I really like from Monk Mandino aka Monk McNizzle, who has also done a series of self recorded phone video rapps on the night shift at Union Bank called "Security Guard Barz"

Posting this thread I noticed he just uploaded a whole new mixtape two weeks ago I'm about to czech too.


  • SPlDEYSPlDEY Vegas 3,360 Posts
    Monk Mandino aka Monk McNizzle

    Dope. He reminds me of Gift of Gab and Chali 2na.

    DOMi & JD Beck - I love these kids!

    - Damo

    klezmer electro-thug beatsJimsterDuderonomy

  • That kid's drumming is ridiculous! Like somebody just exposed him to nothing but Soundmurderer's "Wired for Sound" ragga jungle mix for his entire childhood. They're both incredible.
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