EMBRYO (Germany) 2018 concert audio stream / Jazzrock Krautrock

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Monday 27th & Wednesday 29th at 9pm (MET)

on www.konzeptlos.org (at the dates/times mentioned above)

EMBRYO (Trikont, Germany) jazzrock, krautrock, psychedelic

Founded in 1969 by Christian Burchard, Embryo is surely one of the most legendary jazzrock, krautrock bands. Since 2017 his daughter and multi instrumentalist Marja Burchard travels the world with the collective. In 2018 they've stopped by in Basel at Kaschemme Club and played an incredible concert.

Sunday 26th
8pm Konzeptlos DJ set
9pm EMBRYO (GER) live at Kaschemme 2018 audio stream

Monday 27th & Wednesday 29th April
9pm EMBRYO (GER) live at Kaschemme 2018 audio stream


Marja Burchard / vibraphone, marimba, trumbone, keyboard
Jan Weissenfeldt aka JJ Whitefield / guitar, phin
Maasl Maier / bass, irish bouzouki, marimba
Jakob Thun / drums, percussion

Embryo website

Video snippet of the concert at Kaschemme in 2018:


In the last 6 years the Konzeptlos DJ duo organized many incredible concerts at Kaschemme (click here). Many of these sessions were recorded in collaboration with Flashback Records and the consent of the artists. The finished audio/video recordings are given to the band for free.

In the coming weeks we'll reveal these unheard archive gems, free of charge on the Rochade project streaming page. Every Sunday 8pm (MET) a new concert and two replays Monday and Wednesday at 9pm of the following week.

Thursdays we announce the forthcoming concert on the Kaschemme page and activate a solidarity ticket (Soli-Ticket) sale. You enjoy what you hear/see and you want to support these artists and Kaschemme? Then buying a "Soli-Ticket" (click here) is the right way to go! The revenue is distributed 50/50 between the band and Kaschemme.

The Sunday sessions start with a one hour DJ set of crackling plates presented by Konzeptlos.
Thank you for your support and enjoy.





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    another snippet from the concert in 2018


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    You're killing it with these Schoggi. Super cool shit!

    Thank you,
    - Diego

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    SPlDEY said:
    You're killing it with these Schoggi. Super cool shit!

    Thank you,
    - Diego

    Thank you. More to come, thinking about to make just one thread and just add each weekly show??? We've got May and June covered with new shows (audio + video) every sunday and replays monday+wednesday. Hope you're able to tune in. Best, Rainer

    PS. Tomorrow (Sunday) is no concert but we celebrate 18yrs of Konzeptlos. We are best friends, spin plates and run parties together since the early 90s... On 3th May 2002 the two uf us decided it's time for Konzeptlos!

    Stream starts 7pm (met) for a few hours... FunkRapSoulAfricanPsychSoundsDrinksBlabla (in swiss german, ha ha) tune.in if you like: www.konzeptlos.org

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