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I have half a dozen colleagues going crazy on a WhatsApp chat about 8D mixes. 
I think this is a big bad joke, but my daughter "confirms" that "yeah, it gives you the impression to be in a concert"


And to take it to the next level 12D...

...and 16D:


Soulstrut verdict?


  • This just sounds like a 60s stereo demonstration record. Wow, the entire song mix can pan from left to right, with some reverb across both channels. You are entering a new realm of sound. New experiences, new spatiality. The wonderful, and increasingly affordable, world of stereo.

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    It's like some raas Quadrophonic sound all over again.  But IIRC, at least that was recorded for 4 channels and specific amps, not some kids $2 headphones.  I don't want to be hearing all that panning shit, it's just annoying.

    It could be done of course but at the end of the day who is going to be forking out for 16-mic-location recordings for 16 speaker amps for rooms with 16 speakers?

    It's the answer to a question no-one is asking.
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