Bernie Sanders should be president!

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Hey guys, Even though Bernie is suspending his presidential candidacy, Bernie Sanders is still on the ballot and still collecting delegates! Like many of you, today I've got very little faith in American politics, because of the persistent corruption and greed. We're left with 2 awful candidates mainly because of our general apathy towards the political system itself. The only way to win this game is to exploit the system. If you or any person you know can still vote support Bernie Sanders. It's not over yet.


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    I think Bernie realizes that it's all hands on deck right now. There can be no infighting within the opposition and he's taking one for the team. The amount of corruption going on right now is unprecedented. A reddit user posted some pretty eye opening things looking at the larger picture.

    "The Trump administration and the GOP would have us get sick and die while they profit off of tax dollars.

    Want to know how it works?

    1.) Eliminate oversight of the spending of nearly a trillion dollars of tax dollars:

    2.) Aquire the authority to command which businesses get which contracts:

    3.) Have trusted people stand up companies through which the money can be funneled (3 week old company, founded through a loan approved via the Coronavirus Stimulus bill, is now the center of medical supply distribution): “I don’t want to overstate, but we probably represent the largest global supply chain for Covid-19 supplies right now,” he said. “We are getting ready to fill 100 million-unit mask orders.”

    4.) Have the federal government sell, at a reduced price, it’s strategic stockpile to the new companies, run by your buddies:

    5.) Have the states bid on the supplies, driving up the price:

    6.) Have the federal government spend taxpayer dollars to ship supplies purchased from China to these brand new private companies:

    7.) Eliminate the competition. Attack any company that doesn’t play ball.

    Edit 2: electric boogaloo

    Congress and the Supreme Court aren’t going to do shit. Neither is Biden or the DNC. We need another Battle of Athens.

    Fun fact: the position with the highest constitutional power is your county sheriff. They have the ability to block feds from entering and leaving the county. A few did this back during the whole “extraordinary rendition” thing whenever that was.

    I would pen an email, letter and call to your county sheriff citing sources and your concerns of the feds taking your hospitals supplies. I just thought of this replying to you and I will be doing this tomorrow. We need sheriffs and deputies guarding our hospitals from the feds.

    Jesus fucking Christ"


  • The current situation is obviously proving him right about everything and Trump and Biden and every critic wrong, and I agree that people should still vote for him over anybody else, but what I really want people to remember is this: FDR was not elected as a social democrat who campaigned on mass nationalizations and expansion of federal programs to benefit the people. He did those things because he was scared of the grass roots. General strikes. Communists gaining power. The energy that went into the Sanders candidacy has to transcend it, get people into local and state offices, gain power wherever they can. Scare them until they give you what you want, and if the barriers are too systemic for that to happen, TAKE what you want. Wildcat strikes are already happening across the country due to the pandemic, rent strikes, and so on. The power is in unions, mutual aid and solidarity with everyone currently being fucked by the stuff happening DOR's post.

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    DOR said:
    I think Bernie realizes that it's all hands on deck right now. There can be no infighting within the opposition and he's taking one for the team. The amount of corruption going on right now is unprecedented.
    Thanks for this very interesting response DOR. Have you heard of Naomi Klein? 

    - Spidey

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    Great info, DOR and Klezmer ✌️

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    I think his priority is making sure shit doesn't get any more fucked up right now, and he and Warren are in a position to make Biden adopt their policies for the campaign (in an ideal world Warren would be Biden's VP). I wish he'd won the primary, but he already shifted the Overton window and has made the Dem establishment consider and a adopt a lot of ideas that they would've found abhorrent just a few years ago.

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    I have always appreciated the level of intelligence on Soulstrut. I never ever talk about politics on the internet. This is not really the right forum for political discussion, and I am the least qualified in this subject. It's nice to see we're all  in this same boat on this topic. - spidey

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