Africa's Lost Vinyl Record Factory

I suspect the reviews on Amazon are fake.
Has anyone read this?

"What would you do if you found an entire vinyl record factory rotting away in some far flung corner of Africa? This is a tale so outrageous it would be unbelievable if it wasn't true.

This gripping true story documents the amazing discovery of Africa's last record factory.

Abandoned for twenty years, the fully functional machinery sat forgotten until the author stumbles across it in a desolate industrial site.

But globally, vinyl is hot again, and this could be the business opportunity of a lifetime!

An outrageous and audacious plan is hatched and the seeds of a vinyl revival dream are planted

But the factory owner is suspicious, and crooked government officials are watching.

Will the plan succeed? Will a single record ever be made again? Or will the factory be condemned to rust away forever?

Wild Elephant encounters, robberies, near death experiences, and chaos ensue as the giant machines are ripped from their dusty grave in a desperate attempt to give them a new life in Europe. The struggle for vinyl perfection just got very real.

A must read for any record collector or music fan. Grab it!"


  • ppadilhappadilha 2,088 Posts
    that summary makes it look annoying AF

  • It does sound like a hell of a story if it's at all close to truth, although damn if even the redundant phrase "vinyl record" isn't a turn off from the rip. I guess that's marketing for you. There's a lot of people my age and younger who wouldn't see anything fishy with that term. I kinda want to know the conclusion before I want to know the whole story - like, okay, is there a working pressing plant in Africa now?
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