cool shit

I think in this one they sampled the audience's vocals live:

In semi related news, the Ampex sign was recently removed from its spot next to 101 in Redwood City. People were pissed off because oddly enough Ampex was really the birth of Silicon Valley, a lot of the biggest names there started at Ampex making videotape machines and shit. Arguably the first world-shaking tech invention to come from the Bay, the Ampex video recorder.


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    that is some wild shit. 

    but it's also really intense in a way and i'm glad the vids are only a min or so.

  • Yeah I'm not sure I'd sit and listen to a whole album of it but I have to be impressed at how much stuff they've figured out you can do with a reel-to-reel that's visually and aurally interesting.

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    DMC Championships 1991: Mr. Tape

  • roistoroisto 869 Posts

  • that is amazing, I wanna see if my Latvian homie knows anything about that scene
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