songs about home

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    Stand as far away from me as you can and ask me why hang on to your rosary beads close your eyes to watch me die you keep saying, kick it, quit it, kick it, quit it God, but did you ever try to turn your sick soul inside out so that the world, so that the world can watch you die - spidey

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    Home is where the hatred is

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    All of Joni Mitchell's "Hejira" reminds me of home.  Which is odd, because most of the songs are about leaving shit behind.  But again, it has Jaco Pastorius.  Incredible album.  

    Fun Fact: Paul Simon wrote (or finished) the song "Homeward Bound" in my shitty little birthplace.  They keep stealing the plaque from the station.  I'm not an S&G fan, doe, so I won't be poasting such low hanging fruit.


  • I was puzzling over this for a second cause I couldn't think of something real poignant or anything. Instead, this popped into my head, which is obviously more specific than you're after:

    But more generally...

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